How To Make Your First Apartment Cozy ?

Making your apartment cozy is the beautiful thing that you have always been looking for, and this is to have a comfortable interior and a beautiful apartment. Don’t worry, dear reader. You are in the right place. We will give you the most important tips that will add warmth to your first apartment.

Simple ways to decorate a cozy apartment  :

1- Take care of the entrance

2- Focus on the decor and colors

3-Create cozy lighting 

4- Multiply cushions and rugs

5- Choose comfortable furniture

6- Selection of warm materials and accessories

7- Place indoor plants

8- Dress up your windows

9- Adding mirrors

 Adding new comfortable touches to the apartment, and the most important thing to make it warm is the thing that makes the family members enjoy spending time together, we will make sure to give you excellent information explaining the previous points step by step, so bring a paper and pen and start writing the most important notes.

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1- Taking care of the entrance

This is the thing that has been neglected by many people. The entrance deserves a lot of attention. Giving a nice view of the entrance makes it more welcoming, and allows the reception of friends and guests, and one of the most important decoration ideas for the entrance is to cover the wall with photos of your achievements, for example, your wedding photos, your graduation photos… to add a nice classic atmosphere. 

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You can buy entrance furniture in Amazon and Ikea stores, and I prefer to organize the entrance as follows :

  • Allocate a corner to put shoes
  • Dedicated corner to store keys
  • Corner to store coats and bags
  • The addition of artificial plants at the entrance makes it brighter.

2- Focus on decor and colors

At this stage, the most important thing is to respect the homogeneity of the colors, whether it is in the choice of the colors of the walls of your apartment, or related to the colors of the furniture that you are going to buy to make the place warmer.

When painting the walls, it is best to choose contrasting colors to make the place appear in a warm atmosphere.

When choosing the colors of furniture, it is best to choose furniture that expresses warmth, choosing, for example, a sofa in autumn colors, the same for pillows and rugs. 

What catches the eye are the accessories, which are the key to a warm decor, just as important as the lighting and electrical outlets.

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Modern decor can often be cold, so it’s best to avoid white furniture to make the apartment feel warmer, but be sure to use pieces that warm the atmosphere.


You can repaint your old furniture to make the spaces warmer. 

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3- Create Cozy lighting 

Although this point does not require much work, creating more openings can bring more light, among which you can choose warm or light colors.

It is best to invest in additional new lamps in the apartment, including wall sconces and table lamps, I prefer to be clever in distributing small lamps to create a calm atmosphere.

Some of the best places to put lights are:

Lamps on the wall in the bedroom, lamps for the hallway, lamps in the living room especially in the corner or above the sofa.

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Many people prefer to use candles to make the atmosphere warm, especially when it is dark (I prefer to use them in the living room and bedroom).

4- Multiply cushions and rugs


The key to a warm interior design is comfort, so choose pillows and rugs that embody this and give a comfortable feel to the person, especially in the living room and bedroom.

To give a distinctive character, choose warm and soft colors for pillows and rugs, as they help to delineate spaces.

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5-Choose comfortable furniture

Choosing comfortable furniture in the apartment is the best investment you can make and an opportunity to make it more warm and beautiful.

For example, in the living room, you know that the sofa is the best place to sit or entertain friends and family, so it is best to choose it either large or proportionate to the space of the room. pillows, place seats and lighting above, and determine the spaces in the room.

Creating a corner office space in a quiet corner makes the atmosphere more pleasant and makes the living room warmer.

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6-Selection of warm materials and accessories

One of the materials that I recommend for the decoration of your apartment is to choose natural and environmentally friendly materials. After choosing furniture, make sure to leave a warm impression in your apartment with the materials wood, cotton, linen …

It is preferable to use very soft tiles and wool carpets.

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7- Place indoor plants

One of the excellent solutions that add a lot of kindness to the atmosphere is the indoor plants, which I recommend placing in all spaces of the apartment.

A good idea to invite nature into the apartment.

– The use of stickers and wallpapers with flowers and plants is good to give the place a natural look.

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8-Dress up your windows

Curtains are one of the best tools needed to maintain privacy, and they play an essential role in decorating your apartment.

It is best to use thick linen curtains because it enhances the warm atmosphere.

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9- Add mirrors

Installing mirrors on the walls is excellent, especially if the area of the apartment is small, for this I prefer to place small lamps near the mirrors to create a comfortable and warm atmosphere.

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