What Do You Need For Your First Apartment Checklist ?

What do you need for your first apartment ? What should you not forget about a new apartment ?

Owning a new apartment is a beautiful thing that many people are looking for, to get rid of the tiring expenses of rent, and have a personal place that you can decorate as you like. Often very expensive, and you need to make a great plan to manage the expenses excellently, far from wasting because you may not need everything at first , there are indeed basic furniture and materials that must be acquired, In our website deco apartment, we will show you the first apartment checklist pdf to be downloaded, in addition to showing the most important products that are commonly used on Amazon , and the prices of which are affordable.

Before you start the process of buying and first apartment decorating , especially if you are young and looking to get more independence away from your family, I recommend you to buy things used and overlooked by your friends and family, and you can also use social media to get things at a cheaper price and high quality.

 If you have a lot of money to spend on new things, this is one of the most important online stores that I suggest
you use.

* Amazon

* Target

* Wayfair

* Walmart

* Home Goods

* CB2



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There are many things to do before you move into the new apartment that will help you with organization and prevent you from getting into any unpleasant problems.

* Set a specific date to move into your new apartment

* Make any repairs before you move in, whether you own or rent the apartment

* Imagine the decoration of your apartment using one of the 3d programs

* Take advantage of sales seasons, such as Black Friday,
in addition to coupons.

I’ve prepared a great list of everything you need about moving into your first apartment


New Apartment Shopping list

1- Living Room :


The couch is an important element in the apartment, where you can sit and enjoy different shows and TV series, as well as receive guests at the end of the week.The sofa should be comfortable for the users in that it is not too big or too small, and it should be in proportion to the size of the living room. 

couch living room apartment

Throw Pilows 

The types of throw pillows vary depending on the taste of the person, as there are many styles, some of them are used in the bedroom, and others in the living room, where we place them on the sofa to make it more elegant so the colors of the pillows should be consistent with their color, the size should also be taken into account before choosing.

throw pillows living room apartment


If you are a fan of movies and TV series, and you spend a lot of time at home after work, I suggest you buy a TV and put it in your living room.

The brand of the TV doesn’t matter when you’re a new renter. The important thing is that you can watch and play PlayStation and Xbox with your friends while on vacation, so avoid the prices that exceed $1,000.

tv living room apartment

Tv Stand 

The TV stand adds a nicer touch to the interior design and gives you more storage capacity with shelves, through which you can get more space in the apartment, you can get it in Ikea and Amazon stores.

tv stand living room apartment


To make your apartment modern and stylish, I would recommend that you place chairs in the corner of the living room. Many types vary in size, the most famous of which are ( Recliner – Armchair ).

Chairs are widely used in small apartments and narrow places, where you can use them to receive guests and increase absorption capacity.

chairs living room apartment


To make the living room more spacious, I suggest the curtains, they will provide shadow and preserve the privacy of the person, because they make the place more attractive, choose a type that suits the windows of the room, selecting fabric curtains is very important in terms of quality.

curtains living room apartment

Coffe Table 

A coffee table is a right furniture to put coffee, tea, and various meals, to operate and avoid clutter in the living room. You can place books and magazines that you read, in addition to the remote controls for the TV and air conditioner.

It is best if the size of the table is small and not too large, when placed near the sofa, the circulation in the room must be taken into consideration.

coffee table living room apartment

Floor Lamp 

To make your living room bright and clear, it is placed in the corners near the chairs and sofa, and the lights make your apartment cozier, you can use it to read books at night, especially if you like the quiet.

floor lamp living room apartment



I prefer to put green plants in the corners of the living room, To make it more natural, in order to refresh the air and give a simple elegant interior decor, place them in harmony with the design.

plants living room apartment



We use rugs to determine the space and divide the spaces, in addition to warm the legs, particularly in winter. The determination of the type of carpet varies depending on the size of the area. It is best to put them under the sofa and coffee table.

The choice of carpets should be in harmony with the decoration of the apartment and the furniture available.

rugs living room apartment
first apartment checklist

2- Bedroom :


One of the things that help to improve the interior decoration of the bedroom is to place nightstands next to the bed, you can put your stuff there, such as a clock and wallet, you can decorate the nightstand by putting a lamp to make the place looks warm, especially at night, you can also put books and vases.

nightstands bedroom apartment


Comfortable pillows help you feel more relaxed and get a better sleep. Select a color that complements your bedroom decor and the color of your blanket. Choose a soft, and durable pillow made with materials that make it warm in winter and cold in summer.

You can get high-quality pillows from Amazon at affordable prices.

pillows bedroom apartment


To make your bed more comfortable, you need to buy a new mattress through Amazon, which I consider the best option, only paying a few hundred dollars, I prefer the color of the blanket to be White to look Modern and luxurious.

You must be careful in choosing the quality of the material with which the mattress is manufactured.

Mattress bedroom apartment


To arrange your clothes in the bedroom and keep it modern and stylish, it is necessary to buy a smart dresser that fits your decoration and space.

You can get the size and height of dresser that suits your storage needs.

dresser bedroom apartment


To make your bed sweet, you need to buy sheets, which must be comfortable and attractive, with a distinctive and modern choice of colors.

Cotton sheets are the most durable and better, especially when they are laundered and dried because they prevent shrinkage.

sheets bedroom apartment



You can create a corner in your bedroom, which will contain a desk to help you work at home in comfort, away from distractions and sleep on the couch, for example during the nap time.

The type of desk varies depending on the space available , you can also use it for storage.

desk bedroom apartment


Mirrors are one of the things that help to make the space look bigger. I recommend you to use them when your apartment is smaller.

The type I recommend in the bedroom are floor-length mirrors, which reflect the light in the room.

miroir bedroom apartment


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3-Kitchen :


To reheat the food rapidly, you need a microwave, place it in front to save a lot of space on the work surface, and make the kitchen more beautiful.

microwave kitchen apartment


Table + Chairs 

There are many dining tables combined with the design of the dining room, the most important thing when choosing is the area of the kitchen in the apartment, you can create a contemporary and modern style in the kitchen with the type of marble dining table.

Wooden dining tables are also strong.


Plates + Cups 

Amazon and Target are the best online stores to buy cups and plates, as they provide the best prices with discounts. You have to choose dishes that match the kitchen decoration.

Choosing an excellent type of cups and plates helps you a lot in the process of cleaning easily.


plates kitchen apartment

Bowls + Pots + Pans ( Meduim / Large ) 

Some of the items used in daily life are bowls, pots, and pans, buy a specific amount of them when you move to your apartment to use them to prepare various basic healthy meals, these materials will not cost you much.

bowls kitchen apartment


To cut food, whether it is vegetables, fruits, and meat, it is necessary to buy high-quality knives, there are those for shredding and there are those for peeling, the important thing is that the knives are sharp.

knives kitchen apartment


The most important thing in the kitchen is utensils. You can get beautiful utensils sets through Amazon at excellent prices that are not expensive. Both IKEA and Target better market for high-quality utensils.

Kitchen storage space is very important to determine the amount of utensils to purchase.

Utensils kitchen apartment

things you need for your apartment kitchen decor  : 

  • toaster 
  • Measuring Cups 
  • Mixer 
  • Paper Towel 
  • Dish Towels 
  • Colander 
  • Washing Sponges 

4-Bathroom :

Bath Towels 

After hard work, relaxing in the bathtub is a wonderful thing and helps you regain your strength. Among the tools to buy are the bath towels you use for drying, preferably cotton towels.

bath towels bathroom apartment

Bath Mat 

The bath mat should be thick and easy to wash, allowing us, after we finish our bathroom, to put our foot comfortably to avoid sliding, most people prefer to put it in the bathroom for decoration and elegance.

bath mat bathroom apartment

Trash Can 

The trash can is an important part of the bathroom to keep it clean at all times, choose steel containers to collect the dirt, frankly browsing the Amazon store, I found that many of them are wonderfully designed.

trash can bathroom apartment

Shower Curtain 

I recommend using Amazon’s modern shower curtains, as they give a modern look and are also very important in privacy.

shower curtain bathroom apartment

Shower Organizer 

You can collect bathroom accessories and beauty products in the shower organizer in an elegant and organized way, there are many of them on Amazon and Target.


things you need for your apartment bathroom decor  : 

  • Miroir 
  • Cleaning Supplies 
  • Toilet Paper Stand 
  • Toilet Paper 
  • Toilet Plungers 
  • Toilet Brush 
  • Shampoo 
  • Makeup 
  • Perfume 

Printable First Apartment Checklist

You can download the list of things to buy for a new apartment as a PDF file, You can also print the file or save it on your smartphone or iPad to keep track of the shopping list.

First apartment checklist PDF 2022

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