How Do I Maximize Space In My Small Bedroom Apartment ?

How do I get the most space out of my small bedroom ? How do you fit everything in a small bedroom ? How to decorate a small one bedroom apartment ?

With smart designs proposed by designers, we can use every square meter of the apartment, especially the storage spaces and places to arrange things so as not to occupy all the space. Organizing a small apartment bedroom is difficult and not easy, it is true that we only use it to sleep, but we always try to make it organized and elegant, today we propose you many practical and innovative solutions for Small apartment bedroom Decorating Ideas, having great articles related to the small apartment organization, which are : 

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The best way to organize a small apartment bedroom 

  • exploit the height 
  • Create a closet
  • Buying a malm bed 
  • Use smart dividers
  • Exploit the space under the windows
  • Focus on lighting

To increase the feeling of space, you need to think about taking advantage of spaces in the small room, and making a good choice of bedroom furniture according to your first apartment checklist, to equip the small room in the apartment, we offer you a lot of opportunities for success, take a pen and paper to write the best notes on the topic of today.

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exploit the height 

When you do not have floor space for your storage, taking advantage of the heights under the ceiling is the ideal solution for this. One of the best examples is to place the cabinets above your bed, and stick them to the ceiling, to provide enough space between the cabinets placed and the head of the bed.

Wall-hung shelves are also a smart idea to place books and personal achievements, and to take advantage of the wall space. You can choose a specific type of shelf to coordinate the decor with the rest of the room.

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Installing shallow storage is what allows you to fully exploit the height of the room instead of the depth.

Designing storage spaces to exploit the height, it is best to have a professional designer work on it.

Create a closet

A beautiful modern idea, multifunctional storage designs allow for space utilization and also provide lighting in the room.

You can design your storage units around the bed, taking into account the rotation and movement comfortably in the room.

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Exploit the head of the bed in the compact storage process.

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The spaces under the bed are the best place to store things, and it is a smart solution to increase the storage space in the room without affecting the decor of the room.

You can use wallpaper in the decorating process, as long as it is proportionate to the decor of the room.

You can use a shelf on wheels that slides under the bed

You can use a storage box, or large baskets, as long as they are hidden from view.

Important point :

There are storage boxes designed to be placed under the bed

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Buying a malm bed 

Built-in bed with storage units in the form of drawers allows you to store bulky items in the room, such as sheets, and pillows. I recommend buying this type in the IKEA or Amazon stores .

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Many convenient storage drawers are built into the bottom of the bed, which can be considered an extension of the wardrobe. Choose a bed that has storage drawers that extend over the entire surface of the box spring, especially if you have a lot of clothes such as travel bags, and summer clothes if you are in winter…

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Use smart dividers

Sliding doors with built-in storage are a practical solution to save space in a small apartment and give the space a spacious look.

To allow light to flow into the rest of the small apartment room, choose storage that does not reach the ceiling.

Exploit the space under the windows.

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You can get valuable storage space under the windows with smart design, as it is very difficult to find smart furniture that is compatible with spaces under the windows.

Focus on lighting

Lighting in the bedroom is important, whether natural or artificial, so you can add small lamps above the bedside tables that will allow you to read books at night before sleeping comfortably.

You can add mirrors in the bedroom to make the space more spacious and to reflect the light.

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