How to Organize An Apartment Closet ?

Organizing closets in the apartment is a beautiful thing and gives a beautiful look to the interior design of it It’s not used to arrange clothes, coats, shoes, and bags, many people do not know how to use the storage space in the closets and how to exploit them, for this we present you today useful Tips on how to do it professionally step by step.


8 ways to organize your apartment closet :

1. Define your needs

2. Measure your closet

3. Customize the closet

4. Choose your closet door locks based on the space

5. Use all the space

6. Put things at the right height

7. Focus on your kitchen closet

8. Use the closet under the stairs


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I consider apartment closet organization to be one of the most enjoyable things for me, and I like to do it by myself because it makes me happy and ordered in this life. I advise you to try to organize the apartment closets by yourself so that you can enjoy this wonderful feeling, and the previous points will be explained step by step.

1.Define your needs

Before thinking about the closet decor, you need to put your needs, and the things you plan to put in the closet to get the best usage of the allotted area.


Determine the exact size of the things before placing them to determine the width and height of the shelves you need in the closet.

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2.Measure your closet

The main criterion before buying the closet is the correct dimensions at different points to avoid mistakes.

The best thing is to get a tape measure to measure the points at the future placement of the closet, if you are not sure it is better to call a craftsperson to avoid bad surprises.

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3.Personalize the closet

As I said at the beginning of the article, I like to have your personal touch in the design of the closet, you can imagine a beautiful decor using sites full of ideas (organize a closet, arrange drawers, organize kitchen and bathroom cabinets).

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When you add your touch, prioritize the things you use the most during your day and try to bring them nearer to you.

4.Choose your closet door locks according to the space

A good choice of closet door locks is best to avoid blocking circulation ( in the space) to create sufficient open space for moving around the room comfortably.

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Cabinet doors and accessories are just as important as floor space, and most people prefer sliding doors because they allow free and convenient movement.

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5.Use all the space

If the space is small, you need to make maximum use of the storage, whether the cabinet is low or high.

You can take advantage of the cabinet drawers to improve the storage space, as you can place some boxes at the bottom with their name or number.


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6.Put things at the right height

To use the cupboard properly, you need to organize it, placing things at the right height, for example, it is better to have the things that are used daily (such as dishes, spoons, and work clothes) within reach, while you store the things that you do not use much at the top.

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7.Focus on your kitchen cupboard

The kitchen is the most difficult room in terms of organizing the cabinets, and they are arranged according to the needs as we mentioned in the previous point.

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  • The most important item in the kitchen closet is groceries, so put things smartly.
  • Avoid placing household products under the grocery cabinet.


8.Use the cupboard under the stairs

It’s a complicated space, but it’s the best place to assemble a closet.

The most important thing is that the measurements are taken accurately and their design is simple and does not necessarily follow the shape of the degrees.

It is necessary to customize the closet in terms of design and choice of color shape. As for the layout, you can choose the frequently used things in front.


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