How To Remodel An Apartment On A Budget

What are the steps to renovate an apartment ? How do you renovate a small apartment ? 

Because of the recent prosperity of the real estate market and the increase in the percentage of investors in this business, some want to flip apartments, and there is a certain group who want to move into a modern and comfortable apartment, there are renters who prefer that the place in which they live is stylish and attractive, Many prefer to purchase an apartment and remodel it by a complete renovation or simple works, but the problem that most people fall into is the failure to plan well, whether financially, or in the choice of materials and elements in the renovation process. On this website Deco Apartment , we are always interested in covering every little thing and have Excellent articles on Apartment Ideas . Today I’m sharing with you a great topic related to apartment renovation ideas. Take a pen and paper with you to take the most important notes.

best small apartment renovation ideas

  • Clean up your apartment
  • Use a 3D program to imagine a new decor
  • Create a checklist of things to do in each room
  • Choose sliding doors in toilets and bathrooms
  • Add a central kitchen island
  • Determine space per skylight
  • Update electrical and plumbing fixtures
  • Focus on-trend colors in the painting process
  • Decorating the entryway of your apartment
  • Buy multifunctional furniture for storage

You can do the restoration and maintenance work by yourself, which I do not recommend if you do not know anything about decorating and buying the first apartment checklist. It is better to contact a renovation company that specializes in the renovation of houses and apartments, specifying a deadline to complete the restoration work at a certain time.

Do the demolition work before the arrival of the team specialized in the preparation and restoration of apartments, such as removing furniture, breaking extra partitions in the apartments, buy yourself materials to save you the extra costs calculated by the company.

Clean up your apartment

Before starting the process of renovating the spaces of the apartment and beginning to imagine the future design of your living room and kitchen, you are obliged to empty and clean your apartment so that you can work comfortably and in a proper atmosphere, in addition to getting rid of unnecessary things in the apartment.

Use bins to collect the items you don’t use in the rooms.

You can imagine your future sofa position in the apartment by determining the necessary sizes, and I suggest the best sofas for apartments.

The process needs necessary cleaning utensils that are different from room to room.

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Use a 3D program to imagine a new decor

Many applications and programs help you imagine a first apartment decoration, put the main measurements first, and then put the arrangements according to your taste. There are applications related to the floor plan and others that allow you to pick ideas and redesign yours according to the ideas you submit to him, and this method is before the architect or the company specializing in reconstruction.

As an architect, one of the best programs specialized in remodeling that I suggest is the program Sketchup, which is easy to use and allows you to imagine the design of the apartment, with furniture and interior appliances through 3D models and materials in a professional way. according to very precise measurements.

Create a checklist of things to do in each room

Depending on how much you want to renovate each room of the apartment, you need to put a lot of details related to painting, furniture, appliances, maintenance, and so you can take a more precise look at the prices you need in the renovation.

From a financial point of view, it is better to buy the materials yourself than the contractor, such as tiles, parquet, and windows. You should search well for stores specializing in selling building materials to get resistant and good quality materials. high quality according to your budget.

There may be unexpected about the establishment of a to-do list. Therefore, it is more than necessary to establish a budget for this.

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Choose sliding doors in the toilet and bathroom

Sliding doors are used to save space, preferably in the toilet and bathroom, to give a distinctive modern design, and one of the benefits they offer is that they are easy to use, good for children instead of heavy curtains, inexpensive, there are different types of sliding doors with several styles of glass, which makes the cleaning easier.

On the technical side, the sliding doors prevent water leakage on the floor, they are a good investment and an ideal solution to avoid buying curtains.

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Add a central kitchen island

It is best to place it in the middle of the kitchen so that it becomes the central axis and serves as a connection in the middle of the space. You can create a workspace there, or make use of it in the process of storage with additional drawers and retractable shelves. Many children do their homework while they are in the kitchen, so the central kitchen island is a great solution for this, to keep them close to their parents when preparing meals.

There is a kind of mobile kitchen island that allows you to prepare meals and cook them with your friends to have more space, I recommend them in small apartment kitchen.

Determining the space per skylight

Natural lighting is very important for the apartment, and one of the best solutions offered is the skylight, which makes the place brighter all day long, and it is best to use this element in the kitchen or the apartment’s entry.

It is necessary to think about the practical side of the skylight because the supporting walls must be able to bear the weight of the opening glass.

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Update electrical and plumbing fixtures

One of the important works in apartment renovation ideas on a budget is plumbing and electricity, in which we put the electrical installation of the apartment according to our needs in the rooms, in addition to renewing the water heaters that need to be replaced, especially if they are old and damaged from the outside.

The operations can be costly, depending on the nature of the work.

The work crew assigned must be skilled and professional in the process of reformatting.

Focus on trendy colors in the painting process

To give a new look to the apartment in line with your taste in decoration, repainting the walls of the rooms is one of the best solutions for this. The color white is a modern and attractive color. You can add light and dark colors according to the rooms.

In the process of apartment kitchen renovation ideas, the color of the appliances should be consistent with the color of the kitchen.

You can add wallpaper in the process of decorating, which is a smart solution to cover the fissures.

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Decorating the entryway of your apartment

Apartment entryway is a welcoming place to receive guests and friends, so focusing on making it attractive is a great idea, and it should be done during renovations.

You can use the entrance in storage operations, especially if the space is small.

You can give your personal touch to the renovation of the hallway by adding carpets, and modern mirrors to reflect the light.

Buy multifunctional furniture for storage

Choosing multifunctional furniture smartly and thinking about it is an important element, to get storage space in the apartment, especially in the case of small spaces, for example, some sofas and beds allow storage.

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