How Can I Upgrade My Apartment Shower

How can I make my apartment shower nicer? How can I make my apartment shower cute? Can I change the shower head in the apartment?

To achieve more relaxation, many of us use the bathroom for fun and not just to take a shower. Making changes in the apartment, especially if you are a renter, is a very difficult affair, especially if the owner has a hard character and does not agree to make changes to the pieces, if you are decorating In your First apartment checklist , it is recommended to make small changes consistent with the owner’s opinion, so as not to fall into future problems with them. Today on our website Deco Apartment we will show you the most important techniques used to make your apartment shower beautiful.

Before that, I recommend a set of excellent articles that contain excellent technical ways to decorate your apartment in a modern style.




best ways to update the bathroom in the apartment are :
1.Using wood in the decoration of the bathroom
2.Choose shaped mirrors
3.Use of neutral colors
4.Focus on lighting
5.Create a suitable storage area
6.Buy a new showerhead
7.Use new shower curtains

Note :

Before you start making changes to the apartment bathroom, please read carefully the terms of the rental agreement which may not allow changes affecting the apartment, just do some consultations with your lawyer, which protects you from legal problems in the future. Bring a sheet of paper and a pen to write down the most important notes on the subject of the day.

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Using wood in the decoration of the bathroom

To make your apartment cozy , one of the basic materials for this is wood. You can put a parquet on the floor of the bathroom, or you can use wooden decorative objects for storage.

Choose shaped mirrors

I recommend this method in the bathroom if the spaces are small to make it look bigger and lighter. One of the solutions suggested is to choose shaped mirrors in organic forms, with a primary mirror placed above the basin.

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Use neutral colors

A great idea and complements the first idea, neutral colors make the apartment warmer and expand the space.

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Many of us prefer to use the color white in the bathroom to make it modern, and it is a color I recommend, with one condition: keep the bathroom clean and allow weekly time to clean it.

Focus on lighting

Many bathrooms suffer from the problem of dim natural lighting, so choosing bright lighting elements is essential to make the apartment bright and in harmony with the design and color of the bathroom.

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You can wait for the discount offers offered by online stores to get the best items.

Create a suitable storage place

The storage place to give a beautiful touch to the bathroom is one of the things to invest in, and it helps to provide more space in the bathroom to store shampoo, soap, and ointments…

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Before shopping for a storage place, please make an organized plan of the space that will be occupied by shampoo bottles and various other cosmetic items.

From an aesthetic perspective, I prefer the color of the storage to match the bathroom tile.

Buy a new showerhead

To keep germs and dirt at bay, buy a new shower head that you can clean regularly, and there are thousands of ways to do this.

Buy a new shower head instead of the original one, so that it is the same size After an internet search, I found out that shower heads have a universal size specified in the United States of America.

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Replacing shower heads is an easy technique that anyone can do, and you may not need a plumber to do it.

The main purpose of switching showerheads is to make a difference in the water pressure and flow to make your shower more enjoyable.

Use new shower curtains

To make the drapes appear in a beautiful pattern to get a great look in the bathroom, buying new curtains in a color that matches the decor of the bathroom can make a difference. It is not necessary to buy luxurious curtains, but there are many good ones at a lower cost.

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To get more light, curtains are a great solution for this, which helps to feel more spacious.

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