How Can I Decorate The Walls Of My Apartment Without Nails ?

When you are a renter, you will be limited in your choice of first apartment decor that fits the walls of your apartment , but now it is possible, and today we will show you ways to decorate the walls without nails in excellent steps.


9 ways to decorate your apartment walls with nails:

1. Use masking tape

2. Put adhesive hooks on the wall

3. Use double-sided tape

4. Use stickers

5. Add texture with felt

6. Use a wooden stand for shelves

7. Add blinds for windows 

8. Use corkboard and wallpaper

9. Create a bookshelf


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It is true that decorating the walls without drilling is a complicated and even difficult affair and causes headaches for many, We have made excellent plans to decorate your small apartment without any deformation or holes in the walls of the apartment, and enjoy the inspiring ideas that we offer you.

1. Use masking tape

Masking tape is one of the most important tools used to decorate your wall because you can create shapes and put nice designs with the help of tape.

You can use colored or raised tape and even postcards, which are the perfect way to create innovative paint.

2. Put on adhesive hooks for the wall

One of the frequently used ways to hang curtains in apartments, textiles, or artificial plants, which allows you to cover damaged walls and make the interior walls look more attractive.

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3. Put double-sided tape

A great solution for hanging pictures and fixing small shelves, it is a perfect replacement for traditional nails, these are the real adhesives, they can be removed and fixed, and it is also used to hang mirrors.

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4. Use stickers

An excellent alternative to decorating the walls without damaging them, make sure to choose stickers that match your taste and passion and put a nice touch on the interior decoration of the walls of the apartment, personally, I prefer to put the stickers in the bedroom, kid’s room and kitchen.

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5. Add texture with felt

One of the most modern ways to paint that suits the interior walls of the apartment.

You can use decorating ideas on the Internet to draw something special which you can give a nice touch to the decor, I prefer to use the technique in the living room because it is the place of friends, family, and visitors.

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6. Add blinds for windows 

The decoration of the windows of the apartment is very important, and it is usually neglected by people. I prefer to use the blinds to install curtains on the walls without drilling holes, and you can easily remove them thanks to its lattice system.
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7. Use a wooden stand for shelves

A wooden rack is one of the best ways to hang posters and shelves on the walls, especially if it is uneven or concrete, so you can move it easily.

8. Use corkboards and wallpapers

Using corkboards is a good idea for decorating, especially in your home office, where you can put special photos and memories of you and the most important upcoming events related to your activities and interests.

The use of wallpaper is a traditional way par excellence to decorate the wall and is preferred by many people because of the large number of options and patterns available that meet the tastes of people.

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9. Create a bookshelf

Using a bookshelf on the wall is a good and excellent idea for the interior decoration of the apartment, I prefer to put old books and artificial and natural plants on it because it is a very inspiring idea.

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