How Do You Decorate An Old Apartment To Look Modern ?

How to modernize an apartment? How do you make an outdated apartment modern?

Before you start to buy the essentials of your first apartment when you move, regardless of whether you are an owner or a renter, you may find that your old apartment decor does not match your taste, where the floors are old, and the walls are ancient bricks, which puts you in a situation that makes you think of renovating your apartment and make it more elegant and modern, the old apartments have a certain cachet, and it is necessary to make new changes in their surface and painting, today on our site “deco apartment ”  specializing in  Apartment Decor , we show you the latest ideas to make your apartment modern.

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Best ways to modernize your old apartment :

1-Modernize the spacious area with room dividers

2-Paint the Bathroom in black

3-Use of contemporary furniture in the kitchen

4-Good Lighting in the apartment’s entryway

5-Decorate the room with modern pictures.

The decoration of the old apartment should be in harmony with the color trend, modern designer pieces of furniture, and new lighting fixtures that can be purchased and suit you. You can choose to paint different rooms or apply wallpaper to hide the old wall tiles. renovate the floor and install new parquet flooring for reasons related to the aesthetics of the decoration, Paint old furniture, cover the floor with modern rugs, hang white curtains in your apartment , change the lighting and make the place cozier, now I’ll show you a detailed explanation of the previously mentioned points, so bring a paper and pen to write down the most important notes.

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1-Modernize the spacious area with room dividers

To avoid expensive renovations, I suggest you divide the large space in your apartment, for example, the living room, with a room divider, and make a large bookcase of books.

  • The choice of color for the bookcase should be in harmony with the old decoration of the apartment.


  • You can order the bookcase in the decoration stores near you, or order it from specialized companies depending on the size of the room to be placed in it.

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2-Paint the bathroom in black

Many new homeowners prefer to makeover the bathroom as the first step of the renovation project, many of them prefer to change their bathtub according to their needs, in addition to changing the color of the tiles and changing the appearance of the bathroom to look modern.

  • In the bathroom, the black paint goes well with the old wooden floors and furniture, it is a modern color that gives the apartment a contemporary style.

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  • Black can be used in wall decorations with storage to give the impression of having more space in the apartment.

3-Use of contemporary furniture in the kitchen

Buy contemporary furniture consistent with the walls of your old apartment, which are often old bricks. The choice of furniture color must be precise and I advise you to call an interior designer to help you choose the most appropriate one.

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There are many companies specializing in the design of custom kitchen furniture, choose provides high-quality services with the testimony of their users.

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4-Good Lighting in the apartment’s entryway

The entryway of the apartment is the principal element in which guests and friends are received, to brighten up a dark place, I prefer to install a large ceiling light designed to make the space more warm and spacious.

  • You can paint the walls of the entrance and the furniture used in harmony with the color of the lighting, to give the place a luxurious look.

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  • You can renew the old floor and perform maintenance work in the entrance, and use a new floor with a modern character depending on the financial capabilities and the defined budget.
  • The choice of the type of lighting varies depending on the entrance, so I know that many prefer natural lighting, but the aesthetic touch and originality forced me to choose modern and warm lighting.

5-Decorate the room with modern images

 Putting wallpaper in the room is excellent, provided that it is consistent with the floor and paint color of the room, I prefer to use gray and white on the wall with modern pictures related to fashion and elegance, photos of cities, you can hang your achievements and diplomas that you have also obtained.

  • Placing white curtains in the room is a very good choice, in harmony with the ideas presented above.

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