How to Hang Curtains In An Apartment ?

The issue of hanging curtains in an apartment is one of the most common problems you may encounter if you are a renter, and this is because you can not hang them without piercing, adding a beautiful interior decoration to the apartment , and protect the privacy. At ” deco apartment ” , we will give you all the necessary solutions and tips to help you know how.

5 ways to hang curtains in an apartment : 

1.Choose fabric for the curtain

2.Use curtain pole finials

3.Use curtain rods

4.Use command hooks

5.Use bracket curtains and fit shades.

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Curtains are one of the best and most beautiful materials that give your apartment a nice look and make its space spacious, especially if their colors are consistent with the other colors of the walls of the apartment. We will explain in detail the previous points step by step.

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1.Choose fabric for curtain

  • The choice of curtain fabric has a big part in the decoration of your apartment in terms of color and material of which it is made.
  • your choice must be made according to the lighting of the room, furniture, wall colors …

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  • The quality is made according to the height of the window.

2.Use curtain pole finials

  • A good choice of expandable curtain blinds for flexibility and to fit your apartment’s curtain rods.


  • Extendable curtain rods are available in many types, colors and sizes to fit your window frame.

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Be sure to choose a curtain pole that complements the room’s decor.

3.Use curtain rods

  • One of the best options for contemporary styles is metal curtain rods.
  • The choice of this type depends on the decoration in the room and the budget allowed.

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  • The length of the metal rods can be adjusted as you wish.
  • Metal curtain rods offer a beautiful appearance, especially in furnished rooms.

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4.Use command hooks

  • They are available in all shapes and sizes, and are the best solution for hanging curtains, particularly since their prices are affordable.
  • The weight capacity of the curtains is very important and according to it determines the type of common hacks to choose, but it is always better to choose curtains with a low weight.

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  • We use command hacks to install anything on the wall, such as baskets, bed frames, and shelves.

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5.Use bracket curtains and fit shades

* It is the right type for all types of windows, and it is a usable material, the benefit of using it is that it saves you from having to hang curtains without the need for nails or drilling.
* You can easily remove and install it in minutes.
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* You can choose the colors that suit your tastes and the decoration of your apartment.
* According to experts, this is one of the best solutions to get a stylish window.
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