How Do I Choose An Apartment Sofa ?

 What size is an apartment-size sofa? How do you move a couch in an apartment ?  

Choosing a beautiful and comfortable sofa is an important thing that everyone looks for before buying the first apartment essentials , because it is considered expensive considering the rest of the other basic things, and it is required to search thoroughly in the best apartment furniture stores. Such as Amazon, Target, and CB2, getting a sofa that fits your personal needs and where you receive your friends and guests.

Selecting a sofa should match the space, and depending on your decorating style, bring a pen and paper to write down your most important notes, which will help you choose a good sofa model.


Top tips for choosing the perfect sofa for your apartment:

  1. Determine your sofa budget
  2. Define your needs
  3. Measure the dimensions of your living room
  4. Choose the material and type of sofa cover
  5. Determine and visualize sofa placement


Choosing the right size of sofa is very important, which is difficult and not easy as many people think, in which many of us prefer to choose a sofa suitable in terms of type and beauty, without taking into account the facility of movement in the spaces and the extent of the practicality of the sofa and its consistency in terms of decoration with the floor and pillows And wall color and other basic things, which should not be overlooked, the most important things I advise before starting to explain the points are focus on investing in a good sofa, the type of fabric that covers the sofa, as well as the materials that make it up.


Determine your sofa budget

Investing in a sofa is very necessary, whether you own the apartment or renter , when you get back from work, you can lie on it to watch your favorite shows, and many prefer to sleep on it. Therefore, you need to determine a budget that is suitable for your needs, depending on the use and the space you have available. Sofas are starting at $300 I don’t recommend it unless it’s necessary. Personally, when looking at prices, it’s better to choose sofas that are priced between $800 and $2,000. You can sit on it, sleep on it and even work on it.

  • Always think about the durability and sturdiness of the sofa before you buy it and set a goal that the sofa should be usable for the next 5 years.
  • Many online stores sell sofas, choose a store that offers cash on delivery, and there are even used ones that you find in good condition, especially among the merchants that convert sofas in your city, there are stores that also offer the functionality of payment in installments. 

Define your needs

Think before you buy a sofa smartly about the type you prefer to buy and that suits you, depending on the number of family members and seats you need, it is possible that you are single and therefore do not need a large number of seats, or you are married without children, While the theory differs if you have a lot of children and spend most of the time in the living room, many of us receive relatives and friends on weekends, a second factor that determines the needs is the future function of the sofa, I prefer to watch soccer games and various series and movies, you can relax and lie down on it.


There are two types of sofas, including convertible and fixed. The former can be transformed into a bed, which offers proper comfort and sleep. It is often used in the decoration of small apartments. The second type of fixed sofas is used for decoration and its choice. should be consistent with the decor of the room.


Measure the dimensions of your living room

Measure the dimensions of the room is very important before the buying process. Carefully take your measurements and compare them with the dream sofa that you put in your imagination before the buying process. You must allow the process to move easily in the living room room room, whether you place it in a corner or the middle.



The shape and number of seats on the sofa are determined by the dimensions of the living room, whether the space is small or large.


The sofa must fit through the door of your home, whether you move it by elevator or stairs, The size of the sofa you choose should be proportional to the size of the furniture in the apartment in terms of length and height for the sake of proportionality because it often turns out that the furniture is small for what it is.

Choosing the material and type of sofa cover

Cotton is the material that most people choose the type of sofa on. I prefer removable covers that are easy to care for. In the process of choosing covers, choose fabrics that are soft to the touch and have strong resistance. This is what is available in elegant cotton and linen, which gives the sofa elegance, and strength and protects it from bacteria and dirt.

Leather is also a strong material that maintains the firmness and durability of the sofa.


Determine and visualize the placement of the sofa

There are many 3D programs for design, you can put your design that determines the location and dimensions of the future sofa, before going to the store for the purchase process, the designated places for the sofa are usually in the middle of the living room or next to the walls, the important thing is that the process of moving in the vacuum is easy and unimpeded.

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