What Do You Put On The Apartment Walls ?

Can I put things on the wall ? Whether you own an apartment or rent, many of us need to decorate apartment walls to make them beautiful and welcoming to guests and friends. Today, in our website  ” deco apartment “, we offer various things and materials that increase the beauty of the walls of the apartment and make it wonderful.

Things to cover the walls of your apartment :

1-Hang picture frames of different sizes

2-Install a graphic mat

3-Put mirrors on the wall

4-Use stickers

5-Putting up floors

6-Create a memory wall

7-Display your achievements on the wall

8-Create a wall of baskets

9-Use the making-tape

10 -Use pretty flowers

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We made a point of putting 10 ideas that will help you decorate the walls of your room, and arrange them excellently and luxuriously. I always prefer to use friends and experts in this type of experiment. Before I start explaining the points, I insist on the need to choose a good color for the wall to match the things that are decorated I advise you to take the most important notes from this excellent guide so that it is an excellent idea, and also to avoid wasting money in decorating without benefit.


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1-Hang picture frames of different sizes

It is best to use different sizes of frames, with different types, it is best to use classics, in addition to paints and others to give a particular dynamism to the walls of the rooms.

2-Install a graphic carpet

One of the best solutions to give the wall a distinctive ornamental touch, the suspended carpet increases the aesthetic of the wall and also serves to hide the cracks in the wall.

3-Put mirrors on the wall

Mirrors give a distinctive character to your apartment, and you can install them on the wall in two ways: either put them on the floor (it is slightly tilted against the wall) or buy commercial glue that sticks quickly.


You can get an old mirror at the flea markets, and I recommend choosing beautifully sculpted mirrors.


The rooms I recommend placing mirrors on the walls are the entrance in addition to your living room, it is a place to host friends, so placing a beautiful mirror is very important, especially if the surface of the apartment is large.

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4-Use stickers

This is the best and most widely available method, in addition to being inexpensive and cheap, you can put beautiful and distinctive posters to decorate the walls of your apartment without engaging in hard work and peeling the wall.

 5-Put up shelves

An excellent and clever solution to sublimate the interior design of the apartment, the shelves model is preferably made of wood so that it is light and easily installed and installed without the need for nails.

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Among the things you can put on the shelves, you will find your favorite books, curios, small plants …

6-Create a wall of memories

We all have memories and pictures framed of exciting and interesting events that happened in our life, such as marriage, graduation, and trips to countries with friends and loved ones. You can put special diplomas on the wall in addition to the postcards to make the wall look more elegant.

apartment wall decorating ideas


7-Display your achievements on the wall

If you have awards in your life, you can put them in the decoration of the walls of your apartment (for example, you are an athlete and you have a cup)

You can put your achievements on the wall along with the degrees you have earned.

Placing your achievements in your home office always reminds you that you are capable of anything and you will not give up until you have it, as well as to show and motivate your little ones.

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8-Create walls of baskets

One of the best modern ways to decorate your apartment, baskets are not used for storage, creating a frank and warmer atmosphere.


The most common color of baskets is brown.

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9- Use the making-tape

This is the most creative and beautiful way, the tape gives the walls of the apartment a lot of splendor and inspiration.

What I liked is that the tape is inexpensive and does not leave any marks on the wall.

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The ease of use of the decorative tape since you can cut and apply it easily.

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10- Use pretty flowers

Flowers and their pleasant scent can brighten up the apartment. They are hung by a string so that the wall is not distorted.

It is best to choose the colors of flowers in proportion to the walls of the apartment.

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