How Do You Keep a Small Apartment Organized ?

Own or rent a small apartment is always a problem of expanding and organizing space, and therefore, every square meter should be used to the maximum, through the use of intelligent furniture compatible with the space, and taking advantage of storage methods to get an organized and tidy apartment with a beautiful and distinctive interior design, we present on our site “deco apartment ” the most important ways to organize your space step by step.


11 ways to organize your small apartment

1.Choose multifunction furniture

2.Use the corners

3.Use your blank walls

4.Use vertical storage

5.Make storage under the bed

6.Separate your spaces

7.Add a bench to your entryway

8.Use mirrors

9.Fill the space above your furniture

10.Add storage to doors

11.Optimize your hallway space


The advice that has been mentioned requires you to plan carefully to make the most of the space, through the right selection of furniture and smart storage for the things you need, and that you use often, in addition to space, we also benefit from the movement in the spaces of the apartment with all the comfort, dear readers, bring A paper and a pen, a lot of valuable and wonderful things are waiting for you.

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Choose multifunctional furniture

It is according to a tight plan and a precise budget, which means that you need to choose multifunctional furniture that combines design and function, and saves you the many pieces of furniture in the apartment that are unnecessary.

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Multifunctional furniture makes the space larger and more spacious.

Use the corners

Most of the empty corners are unused, and our principle is always based on the exploitation of every square meter in the exploitation of these spaces, whether it is artificial green plants, shelves to store books in the living room, you can even create an office space for work or study.


The exploitation of empty corners should be consistent with the interior design of the small apartment.

Use your blank walls

You can take advantage of empty walls and use them as storage units. To improve and expand the available space, you can put a wooden wall without handles and rely on the installation of an opening system (with sliding doors)

The construction of cabinets in empty walls involves obtaining measurements with great precision to obtain the height and length of the rooms.


I recommend using this idea in the living room and bedroom.

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Use vertical storage

The best investment in a small apartment is the use of vertical storage to increase the storage space, which is preferably in harmony with the decoration, such as adding shelves to put books and the like.


It is best to take advantage of any extra space available, especially for small apartments with high ceilings.


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Make storage under the bed

There are many types of under-bed storage, and it’s a good investment to use more space in the bedroom and avoid buying furniture that takes up all the space and makes it difficult to move around comfortably.

You can add storage boxes, without having to buy a new bed.

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Separate your spaces

You can create various effects in the interior decoration by using a style of decoration, from one room to another, for example in the living room you can add different and distinctive carpets, for example in the kitchen you can put different tiles.

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Add a bench to your entrance

One of the best solutions is to add storage space because it contains boxes or built-in cabinets that allow you to store many things. I prefer to place it at the entrance of the apartment to store shoes and such.


You can use the bench to store toys (children’s room) and cutlery (dining room).

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Use mirrors

I prefer to put it in all the rooms of the small apartment, because it gives a good impression of improvement of space and also gives a special touch to the interior decoration of the apartment, and in the appearance of the lighting as well.

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 The use of mirrors varies from space to space. I prefer long mirrors in the living room and bedroom, while small circular mirrors are better to be placed in the bathroom.

Fill the space above your furniture

The spaces above the furniture and doors should be used by forming other additional storage spaces in proportion to the decoration of the rooms and the colors of their walls.You can put shelves to store books, cutlery, towels …

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You can use the hooks to secure the shelves.

Add storage to doors

A convenient way to increase storage space, frankly, the back of the doors is the best place for this, because you can use it to form small shelves to store green plants, towels, medicines and fast food.

Optimize your hallway space

A great space that can be used for storage and apartment design and used to form a library.


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