How Do I Organize My Kitchen In A Small Apartment

Where do you put things in a small kitchen? How do I optimize my kitchen in my apartment?

The kitchen is one of the principal areas of the apartment that we use a lot during our day. We make breakfast there every morning and many meals depending on our time in the apartment. To avoid chaos and random organization of the kitchen in the small apartment, you are required to make a plan and a budget from The first apartment checklist, in which you settle for a sufficient amount of utensils, dishes, spoons and knives, so as to store them in cabinets, to make the most of the kitchen space in the small apartment, we are today with an excellent exclusive guide in the section of small apartment ideas about kitchen apartment organization ideas.

We had an interesting article related to today’s topic regarding how to arrange furniture in a small apartment ? It has some distinctive tips to make your living room bigger, despite the small space for entertaining guests and friends.

Ways to organize the kitchen in a small apartment

  • Add storage space in the walls
  • Store your appliances in the cabinets
  • Define spaces in the kitchen
  • Exploit all the corners of the kitchen
  • Harmonize with the decor of the apartment
  • Focus on lighting in a small kitchen space

Whether you rent or own an apartment, you’re always looking to enjoy a large, organized kitchen that meets your needs, and you move freely in it without being disturbed by the small space.

Add storage space in the walls

One of the creative ways to take advantage of small spaces is to place storage boxes in the walls, and this is focused primarily on the height.This allows us to save a lot of storage space and make the kitchen more stylish and modern.

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In order to show the effect of height on the kitchen, the installation of shelves is done above the worktop of your kitchen.

Go for high hanging lights, especially if the ceiling is high.

Be sure to organize kitchen utensils and place them vertically on the shelves in an organized way. For example, the utensils of high daily use, always place them in a place near you, and the implements and tools that we use periodically, we place them on the high shelves to give the kitchen a more arranged and more spacious aspect.

The place of vertical shelving can be replaced with baskets, baskets that belong to the food, we put them with a specific name, spoons in a basket, pans in a basket … This organization really helps to avoid clutter when sorting and organizing.

Keeping the storage areas on the countertop clean is absolutely essential, as well as the worktops themselves, as it makes the space look larger.

Dividing the drawers in the truck kitchen is an important part of keeping them organized and ease of getting things by just looking for them for a few seconds.

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Store your appliances in the cabinets

In Order to create more circulation space in the kitchen, large appliances are placed in closed storage , and it is better to be near the worktop, but it is better to hide it.

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You do not need a lot of appliances in the kitchen, especially if you are a single person or a student, so settle for a number of basics makes the space look bigger. There are a lot of indications on the Internet that allow you to buy appliances small and very cheap, for example:

You do not have to buy a large refrigerator or oven to cook your meals, but only small and easy to use things.

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Define spaces in the kitchen

A great thing to take advantage of every vacant space in the kitchen, and it’s best to use sliding doors to define the spaces between the workspace and the rest of the kitchen, including storage and eating areas.

Questions about where to place spoons, utensils and other tools help you organize your use, determine a dedicated area for them in the small kitchen and use every square inch in the decorating and organizing process.

Things left in the kitchen after eating give you a bad impression, so it is better to put them in the trash immediately after finishing them.

Appliances you use a lot, like the oven and coffee machine, should be placed near the work area to make the cooking and heating process easier.

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Exploit all the corners of the kitchen

Spaces between the cabinets, ceiling heights are all angles that should be well exploited to take advantage of them in a practical way, such as corner cabinets that are easily combined.

The kitchen located in the corner allows for a larger work surface and thus makes good use of the space.

Incorporating narrow drawers to store spices is a great solution to use the wasted space.

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Harmonize with the decor of the apartment

It is better that the small kitchen is painted like all other spaces in the apartment.It is best to choose light colors that expand the space and for the lighting factor as well. In the process of decorating the kitchen. You can choose the same floor as the living room to give the place a more spacious look.

You can make your kitchen more cozy by choosing parquet flooring or a warm colored rug.

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Focus on lighting in a small kitchen space

Distributing the most amount of lights in the small kitchen makes the place bright and light, and thus makes the space pleasant and elegant.You can put mirrors, for example, to reflect the light and distribute it in all types of room.

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