What Size Is An Apartment Size Sofa ?

How big should a sofa be for a small living room ? How do you pick furniture for a small apartment?  What size sofa for a 12×12 room ?

Selecting a sofa is a complex and not easy process, especially if you are limited by a small space, so you need to buy a sofa that is neither large nor small, to the size of the apartment living room and your lifestyle. so, for example, you can be single and be content to buy only a two-seat sofa. On our website Deco Apartment specializing in apartment decorating, we have brought up an important subject about choosing an apartment sofa. It contains an exclusive guide on how to buy the right sofa for the apartment.

Today we are here with a great article about apartment sofa size, you can make a good choice for your future sofa.

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The objective of choosing an apartment sofa

Before buying your first apartment checklist, you need to spend a little time preparing a plan to understand your requirements to create a modern and stylish apartment. At the same time, you need to choose furniture that will match the decoration of the apartment. The most important component of the living room is the couch, the choice of which varies depending on the size and type numbers of seats.

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One of the questions you ask yourself before buying a sofa is: Do you live alone or with your wife and family members, do you use the sofa to sleep, or to watch TV with your friends and guests on weekends, or do you want to relax with the rest of the family? Do you want to make your living room cozier? How many sofas in the living room do I need?

After questions relatable to the practicality of the sofa, you are obliged to research the space in the apartment, which determines the size of your dream sofa on the floor. You can use online applications to help you design the perfect design for your living room.

Placing the sofa, whether in the large or small living room against the wall, is a good choice, and experts recommend placing it near the window for light.

In large spaces, I prefer to place sofas in the middle of the living room to facilitate moving and make the space look larger.

You can use the sofa to separate the living room from the dining room, especially if the studio is large and the entrance is next to the living room.

The use of decor about the color of the sofa is something I like from the aesthetic point of view of the apartment. You can place mirrors that reflect the light and expand the space near the sofa.

The use of wallpaper, ornaments, and pictures increases the aesthetics of the apartment.

Choosing the hot color for the sofa makes the sofa warmer, with pillows placed on it to lie down and relax.

The fabric of the sofa made of it is as important as its shape and size, and it is one of the fundamental aspects that determine the sustainability and durability of the sofa.

Apartment Size Sofa Dimensions

A set of criteria to consider before choosing a sofa for comfort :

Height, depth, and back of the seat :

From 17 inches to 24 inches

The total width of the sofa :

Depends on the number of seats on the sofa, in addition to the size, generally, the width of a seat is 27 inches to 31 inches, and it is not easy to determine, because you can see many products on websites and Facebook groups, but to realize the size of the sofa is very difficult because there are the two-seater sofa and the three-seater sofa, there are convertible sofas…

Knowing the size of the sofa through the cover

When you order new fabric or cotton covers, to decorate the sofa and lie on it, you can determine its dimensions and measurements.

There are many accessories that you place on the sofa and give it an elegant and luxurious look.

Below is a table showing the types of sofas and their measurements in the apartment :

Type of SofasDimensions
loveseats58 inches ( wide ) , 38 inches ( depth ) , 34 inches ( high )
Sectionals 130 inches ( wide ) , 40 inches ( depth )
Modular couches 113 inches ( wide ) , 35 inches ( high)
Sleeper 81 inches ( wide ) , 40 inches ( depth ) , 19 inches ( high )
Traditional 60 inches ( wide ) , 40 inches ( depth ) , 19 inches ( high )
apartment size sofa dimensions

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