How Can I Get Big Furniture In My Apartment ?

How do you get large furniture through a small door ? How do you move big heavy furniture by yourself ?

Moving to a new apartment is a wonderful thing, in which you open a new story. Whether you are single or married, we have gathered wonderful articles related to the first apartment checklist and the most best stores for a new apartment, so you can buy your furniture with a good budget and from trusted competent authorities, But there is one big obstacle that most new movers find, which is how to move the new furniture in the apartment, especially if it is in a high placement in the building to avoid damage to bulky items such as the sofa, refrigerator, and cabinets. Do not worry, today on the website Deco Apartment, We have all the right solutions for you to move big furniture for your apartment, take a sheet of paper and a pen to write down the most important notes on the subject.

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How to move furniture in an apartment?

Moving big furniture by yourself is something that I never support because it can lead to serious health problems, especially in the area of the back and spine, on the other hand, it can lead to damage to things, especially if the place is narrow, so ask for help from friends and relatives to The process of moving furniture, I advise you to ask for help from specialized moving companies with the payment of other additional costs, which most people have become doing.

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1. Use sliders

A practical and inexpensive solution to move big furniture easily, without damaging the floor and protecting it from scratching, it is placed under each corner of the furniture.

You can use these elements when you paint to move the elements away from the wall.

The basic components are hard plastic or rubber parts. Many types of furniture glides vary in size and shape.

The choice of a specific type of furniture slider is based on the size and weight of the large furniture we want to move.

You can use furniture sliders to move large items and reorganize the furniture in the apartment as you wish.

The furniture you can move with furniture sliders are :

  • Refrigerators
  • washing machines
  • sofas
  • safes
  • desks

The fabric fits tightly under each foot to ensure a good glide during transport, provided it is folded.

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2.Use transport trolley

The structure of the hand cart is ideal for moving small and medium-sized furniture. It consists of two handles and a place to place the furniture in addition to a vertical structure. In use, move the cart that contains the furniture and press on it, while holding the handles firmly to avoid the process of falling objects during the transfer process.

Many furniture stores offer hand carts, depending on the weight and size, which is determined by your budget when choosing the appropriate cart for the transport process.

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3. Use the elevator

Most residential buildings with high rises contain elevators, whether they are service elevators for residents or elevators for the process of moving objects, which is the ideal solution for moving large objects such as sofas and cabinets.

Before the process of moving into your first apartment, whether you are a renter or an apartment owner, talk to the building owner about the elevator and whether or not it is available in the building to other people on the day of the move.

I do not recommend using the primary elevator, which does not allow for the transportation of large items, especially if the elevator is out of order, as this can expose things to damage.

There are types of furniture that can be disassembled, such as sofas, which allow us to move them easily in the elevator, without scratching the floor and walls.

The moving elevator has wider doors, and it has a greater capacity to move furniture. It requires a key and a table to use it.  Don’t buy large items before the apartment selection process and make sure they can be moved easily.

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