Where Should A Desk Be Placed In An Apartment

Where should my desk go in my apartment ? Where should a desk be placed in a one-bedroom apartment ? Where to put a desk in a small apartment ?

To allocate a home office in an apartment is very complicated because of limited space, but creating an office space is a great idea for remote work, especially for entrepreneurs, programmers, and freelancers, which is proven by the recent pandemic of Corona, before buying your first apartment essentials, I advise you to check out our interesting article on the best sofas for small apartments, which helps you choose your future sofa. Today, we offer you a very important topic related to how to choose apartment desks and get a smart and organized space.

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The best place to put the office in the apartment

  1. Bedroom
  2. Living room
  3. under stairs
  4. in the closet
  5. in the entryway

Organizing the decoration of the office in the apartment begins first with the choice of color because the office space should be bright. I prefer to use the following colors white, blue, green, red, and yellow, provided that they are consistent with the rest of the apartment decoration.

Decorating the office space is done according to your taste because you will spend time there, especially if you are a student or work from home. You can shop in the first apartment stores and choose the furniture yourself to decorate your office. The seat should be elegant and comfortable, in addition to the desk lamp and plants. – You can pin your sticky notes elegantly on the cork board.

Focus on lighting is a very important factor, and the best idea is to install the desk near the window to get natural light. At night, you may need a desk lamp for direct lighting on your work surface, to keep the office organized. It is best to put away the papers and documents daily in the evening. or on the weekend.

I suggest you take decorating ideas on Pinterest, and they will help you a lot in decorating the office area.


You can create your workspace in the bedroom, painting the wall a different color from the color of the room, placing wallpaper as well as helping to define the space. You can put your computer on the work surface, with files and documents appearing as if you were in a large company. An office the size of an apartment. It can be determined by first measuring the dimensions of the room. You can install a bookcase to place books and novels if the space is available.

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Living room

You can create an Excellent office area in the living room, because of the availability of space and the distance from the bedroom on the other side. I do not prefer to work in the same place as sleeping, so placing a desk in the living room is an ideal option, and it is best to have it next to the sofa so that you can lie on it after work on the desk.

The position of the desk near the window is good for natural light.

You can define the office space in the living room with modern rugs.

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An innovative way to design is where you can take advantage of the space under the stairs. These unused spaces are often found in studios and duplexes.

you may find the area to be cramped and dark. Try to remedy this by providing enough lighting such as hanging lamps. Decorate the walls with wall pictures, your photos and notes make the place more practical.

in the closet

Storage space can create a great office, provided that it is a personal touch in the design and decoration of the office. You can allocate the upper part to store files and documents through the shelves, and the lower part where you can place the desk, I advise you to focus on lighting.

Before you start decorating your office, evaluate the capacity of your closet to make the most of every square meter.

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in the entryway

The entryway often finds unused space, so we try to include a desk area. Placing a large wall clock above the desk with wall photos makes the space attractive. You can install a shelf above the desk to put your books and Before you choose your office space, you need to be near the power supply of the computer.

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